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Interview: J.A. Price

Interview: J.A. Price

A conversation with a writer of mafia romances and archangel adventures

In person, she goes by Jenn. As an author, her byline is J.A. Price. She has written 2 Kindle Vella romances and one Amazon Kindle romance. She anticipates the publication of her first kindle/paperback romance very soon. Here is the link to her link tree, giving you access to all her published works: https://linktr.ee/j.a.priceromanceauthor

Kindle Vella Reviews on Heavy Crown Press
Honey Trapped
Honey trapped is right. This one absolutely flows like honey. The characters are as rich and saccharine (when they’re not spicy) as the taste of honey. Pria and Drew would not be out of place in an MTV ‘80s video. I can almost hear the song “Pour Some Sugar On Me” playing in the background as I progress through the plot…
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Since we mentioned the social writing site INKITT in our chat, here's a link to the INKITT version of Honey Trapped: https://www.inkitt.com/stories/romance/828202

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